Using the smart, wearable GoLiveClip, and attending an effective exercise program along with other members – guided by a sports coach. Staying active and healthy via a proven program that is also just great fun.

Vital together

Guided by a sportscoach, over an extended period of time, the group will come together once a week in order to practice the Otago-based GoLiveVital exercise program, at a fixed location in the neighborhood. Before the program starts, the activity levels and fall risk levels of each member of the program are established. These measurements are then repeated regularly, to make progress and effectivity even more visible.

Stimulating scores

Members are stimulated to monitor their daily goals themselves. WhatsApp groups are made for all participants of the exercise program. In these groups, participants can share and exchange experiences, which further enhances social connections. The sports coach keeps track of all individual progress made by participants in terms of activity level and fall risk.

Participants of GoLiveHealth-fit receive an individual activity dashboard, displaying the progress they have made with regards to their activity level and personal fall risk.


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