From WhatsApp groups to internet banking: members help each other find their way in the digital world; over a coffee, and everyone at their own pace.

Learning from & with each other

In this part of the program, we make use of the ‘train the trainer’ concept. This means that experienced smartphone users in the neighborhood are trained to be so-called ‘super-users’ of our GoLivePhone app: a simplified operating system designed to introduce new users to the world of smartphone technology at a comfortable pace. These super-users teach less experienced smartphone users how to use the GoLivePhone app and the smartphone in general, over the course of several two-hour sessions.

Sharing your world

WhatsApp groups are made for all participants of the program. Within these informal digital environments, members can practice & share experiences.

After successfully attending this part of the GoLiveHealth program, participants receive a GoLiveHealth-digi diploma, while super-users receive a special certificate. Both of these are awarded by a member of the local council.


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