Together we can ensure that we stay vital throughout our entire lives – and fully connected to the world around us. Nobody should feel like they are alone in this world. Is your organisation, municipality or health insurance company involved in our program yet?

The prevention program

The – corona proof – Golive health program increases digital skills, vitality and the social connectedness of its members, while it decreases pressure on informal and formal caregivers, as well as the health care sector at large.

Members will be initiated into the world of the wide web, and helped with tightening social contact in their direct environment. They will also be assisted in augmenting their vitality, power and balance. This part of the program is facilitated by a wearable clip, which measures daily activity levels as well as the member’s personal fall risk. It is further enhanced via coaching and an Otago-based exercise sequence that brings people together in a casual, informal way, further increasing social contacts.

Via informal contacts and social care, human connections are strengthened, while caregivers and formal health care – now completely overcharged – are relieved of a considerable amount of pressure.

‘Build, digitalise and cooperate!’

Dutch commission The future of support for senior citizens living at home

‘To sustain the care for senior citizens living at home at its current level, we need to invest – now – in the following things:

  • Suitable living spaces
  • Digitalising daily life and health care
  • Local and regional cooperation in health care and support’

This is the advice of the commission The future of care for senior citizens living at home, as formulated in an advice presented by commission chairman Wouter Bos on the 15th of january 2020, to minister Hugo de Jonge of the Ministry of Health, Well-being and Sport. The recommendations in this proposal can be summarized by summing up three central recommendations: build, digitalise and cooperate. The GoLiveHealth program facilitates two of three of these recommendations.

This proposal was based on research conducted in The Netherlands, but the exact problems it has investigated in the Netherlands can be identified in each and every country currently dealing with an ageing population.

Nobody alone

Since the beginning of the coronacrisis, two things have suddenly become very clear: the vulnerable position of senior citizens in need of health care, and the importance we all attribute to our contact with other people.

The GoLiveHealth program is the first social innovation capable of translating these insights into a concrete social solution. The program deploys mutual social cooperation, so as to relieve pressure on the formal health care sector – but also to repair the damaged social tissues of our societies: too many people feel like they are a number on a waiting list, or a sum of money on a payment balance. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and assistive technologies (AT) that support daily activities and enhance existing social structures, the goal of our corona-proof program is to make people as independent as possible from professional health care, whilst helping them – in mutual cooperation – help themselves. The program offers substantially enhanced digital skills, vitality and social connectedness.

Together we can make sure that people again feel like animated, connected members of a social community.


The challenges to which the GoLiveHealth program offers a solution, are some of the most urgent social challenges of our time. The following numbers are for Europe, but these numbers are similar in each country currently dealing with an ageing population.

  • Almost 50% of seniors experience feelings of loneliness
  • Injuries caused by falls are the most important cause of death for people older than 65 years
  • Informal caregivers and first-line health professionals are overloaded
  • Health care and support of senior citizens living at home is at risk of becoming both scarce and economically increasingly unviable.

What does it yield?

The added values of the GoLiveHealth program for senior citizens organisations, municipalities and health insurance companies, are these.

  1. The primary goal is to make people as independent of (professional) care as possible.
  2. The program helps people – in mutual cooperation – help themselves.
  3. The program delays or even avoids the need for professional primary care.
  4. The program relieves the pressure on (informal) caregivers.
  5. It helps avoid problems like loneliness, isolation, falling incidents and unhealthy lifestyles.
  6. Concrete health profits (expressed in Disability, Adjusted Life Years).
  7. Economization of health care costs.
  8. Cooperation with neighborhood and municipality, location-embedded.

The added value of the GoLiveHealth program for independent, (vulnerable) senior citizens living at home, are these.

  1. Substantially enhanced digital skills.
  2. Decreased feelings of loneliness.
  3. Increased vitality.
  4. Feelings of both independence and social connectedness.
  5. The ability to safely live at home for a longer time.
  6. Remaining mobile.
  7. Preventing falling incidents.
  8. No financial limitations for anyone who wishes to join.


Is your organisation or municipality interested in joining our program and helping us make a difference in the world? Would you like to know more about our program, or would you like to introduce us somewhere? Don’t hesitate: contact us today.

Digital skills

Participants help each other find their way on the internet in an informal setting.


Stay active and healthy through a proven program that is also just fun.

Social connectedness

Participants in the neighborhood are linked together for primary care.