We believe that freedom is more than the opportunity to do whatever we want: freedom is a feeling. Using new artificial intelligence (AI) and assistive technologies (AT), we create solutions capable of generating this all too human feeling. We believe in offering practical, daily support: every day again. That’s why we have developed the GoLiveClip.

This wearable and its supporting programs give users an opportunity to take back control over their own safety, health and freedom. Aside from that, our technology facilitates the support of people by people – because freedom, we believe, is inseparable from community.

Our solutions are accessible to all: without exceptions. Gociety Solutions has made it its goal to develop products that can be used by people with all levels of digital dexterity. In this way, we open up the myriad benefits of the digital age to anyone who wishes to choose a healthy lifestyle and increased peace of mind. Our GoLiveHealth program aims to sustain the current high levels of care for, and quality of life of, senior citizens who still live at home: now and in the future.



We develop innovative, scientifically validated artificial intelligence technology – and create user-friendly, modern and corona-proof social programs that make good use of these technologies, and build on the possibilities inherent in them. We collaborate with internationally renowned partners with a strong sense of scientific and social responsibility.



Is your organisation or municipality interested in joining our program and helping us make a difference in the world? Would you like to know more about our program, or would you like to introduce us somewhere?

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