Nowadays, everyone agrees on the importance of prevention. The consensus has become that we need to bet on initiatives that prevent health problems – rather than just those that can cure them. This is the only way to slow down the now rapidly increasing health care demand, as well as relieving health care professionals and continuing to offer the level of health care we have become used to. The GoLiveHealth program does this exactly: it focuses on delaying and avoiding the need for professional health care, by making people as independent of (professional) care as possible and helps them to take care of themselves, with help of others, whilst preventing falling incidents and loneliness.

Increasing digital skills with the GoLivePhone application

Firstly, we focus on the importance and ease of use offered by the modern smartphone. After all, smartphones can now support many daily activities: they enlarge the world significantly; they can inform people about things they are interested in; they make it very easy to stay in touch with loved ones – not in the last place with children or grandchildren.

This part of the program is focused on preventing loneliness, and teaching members how they can use technology in order to take back control over their lives. We make use of the GoLivePhone app, an application we have developed ourselves, which was especially designed to introduce people without digital experience to smartphone technology in a smooth, transitional way.

Stay vital with the GoLiveClip and the GoLiveActive app

Next, we expand those digital skills – focusing on how they can be used to live a vital, healthy life. In this part of the program, members work together: staying active together helps people go the extra mile. And besides that: it is simply more fun to learn new exercise sequences together.

The GoLivePhone activity and fall risk apps show all progress made by the member, and motivates them to reach their daily goals. The progress made with regards to these goals is proudly shared with the other members at the end of the week. Members start feeling healthier, and develop more confidence. This is how we combine a psychosocial component – the social environment is expanded, members feel more connected – with physical well-being. Both things are crucial for the quality of life of senior citizens. Within this part of the program we use the GoLiveClip and the GoLiveActive app.

Mutual cooperation with GoLiveAssist

As a last step, we facilitate the mutual organisation of informal care in the neighborhood. Perhaps no care is needed yet – but it might be needed, some day. We establish who becomes whose emergency contact, figure out ways in which people can enter each other’s home in the case of an emergency, and we locate existing health care knowledge in the neighborhood – so that anyone with a background in health care can be linked to neighbors in need of care in exceptional cases.

Even the first signs of dementia can be picked up faster this way. The mutual social cooperation is thus increased, and professional health care professionals relieved, by delaying and sometimes even avoiding interactions with them. Within this part of the program we use the GoLiveAssist application


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