21 July 2020

Remotely keeping in eye on each other: GoLiveAssist

Are you worried about someone you are currently prohibited from visiting?

Just when we need each other the most, we need to keep our distance. Friends, family, loved ones: we are all in the same boat – but we cannot be in the same room. This can be difficult, when all we want is to take care of each other, spread our warmth and feel the social intimacy that is such an important part of our happiness.

Luckily, we live in times of great technological possibility. We have invented ways of caring for our loved ones and keeping an eye on each other that circumvent distance.

Our GoLiveClip is one of those solutions – and now more important than ever.

It is a lot of things in one: wearable, activity tracker, alarm button. Its software runs on a normal smartphone, and was designed to be as simple and to-the-point as possible, whilst offering everything a person needs – not only to be healthy, but also to stay connected. Our program empowers people both physically and mentally.

Meanwhile, our GoLiveAssist program was designed for you: it offers peace to minds that worry.

It constitutes a way for you to be close to whoever you are concerned about; no matter how far away they might be, or how physically inaccessible for the time being. Through the GLA dashboard – which you can access online or through your tablet or smartphone – you can keep an eye on your loved one while still preserving and protecting their privacy.

You will be notified as soon as there is any strange deviation in their routine, or a prolonged lack of activity. You will have daily access to information about their health and even mental well-being. In addition, the GoLiveClip wearable will send a signal as soon as it detects a sudden movement that could point to an accident or falling incident. You will be notified immediately.

Of course, technology will and should never be able substitute real, face-to-face human interactions – but when those are not possible? This is the closest thing. We are very happy to be able to offer it during a time like this.

For more information see www.goliveclip.nl